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A pre-hanami picnic

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Although it's supposed to be Springtime in Japan now, it's still pretty damn cold. I didn't really pack any warm clothes either so I'm just layering most of my clothes now :( The Sakura are pretty late this year too it seems. We decide to have a picnic anyway and head to the park nearby!

Legend has it that if you ride this with your beloved you'll be calling it quits  very soon haha

How picturesque!
 For dinner we met up with a former student who stayed at the dorms, coincidentally also a Monash student. :) We had all-you-can-eat yakiniku and all-you-can-drinks (known as 飲み放題)

I just know I'm gonna leave Japan obese.. 

I needed a towel so my advisor won me one from the UFO catcher haha

Of course no day is complete without purikura ;)

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  1. Junjun says:

    Looks like you had a great time~ c:

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