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A funny Izakaya

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Went to an Izakaya to meet with some old advisors of the dorm and new graduates of Seikei university. The owner must have been a huge fan of One Piece because the whole place was decked out in posters and toys. Pretty amazing sight :)

It was also UK's birthday! :)

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  1. sukipooki says:

    The food looks great but the decor with the net and baby creeps me out! We have a restaurant in my city called "Miso-Horny Eatery" that has similar decor!

  2. Liz Chewy says:

    Every time I visit Japan I love to go to different Izakayas. One with One Piece decor will make it even better!!


  3. Love this. really makes me miss izakayas even more now. THANKS A LOT! haha just kidding~. But seriously, nice captures! 

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