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Thursday, January 26, 2012 7

A Vintage Tea Party

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My girlfriend celebrated her 21st over the weekend with a vintage tea party theme - my favourite! We had yummy food and pretty teacups to play with throughout the day and danced all the way into the night :) 

There were a lot of 8-12 year olds who would come and mess with my iphone playlist while it was on the dock and they'd ask me if I had songs like, 'Sexy and I know it' or 'Hangover' haha.. it was quite a shock actually. Didn't realize kids these days listen to the same kinda racy songs we listen to today!


We love Jeffrey Campbell!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2

Working hard, or Hardly working?

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Just wanted to post some photos of my first day at the office! lol not very productive I know. I recently got a design internship for a company dedicated to making the lives of uni students better, so everyone here's really cool and friendly :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012 20

The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

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Today I woke up early to get my Visa done for our trip to China (only a month now!). Also I needed more time to make myself pretty since I needed to take a passport photo too.. but as per usual, they ended up super fugly! Has anyone ever had a flattering passport/license photo? :(

So this is how I wished my photos turned out! 

Good old iPhone... never lets me down :')

Well it wasn't as bad as my passport photo back in primary school. I got the weirdest looks from the airport staff whenever I traveled around after high school. On one occasion the guy actually did a double take and called one of the other staff members to look at it too. Gosh, embarrassing much? I was super chubbs back in the day, but I lost a lot of it after changing my diet.. Anyway I was so relieved to renew my passport last year and get an updated photo of my face! :D 

Unfortunately my girlfriends weren't able to go through with their visas because they needed birth certificates.. but we spent the rest of the day walking around Chapel looking for birthday supplies for my girlfriend's 21st. Can't wait! :)

My gf borrowed some dessert recipe books for her birthday :)
So we set off on our journey to look for party supplies! 
A shop called 'Hello Gorgeous'

Sunday, January 15, 2012 17

Chinese New Year

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Ever since I was young I've always looked forward to going to the Lunar new year festivals but this year it didn't even cross my mind until my dad asked if we wanted to go today.  Anyway I don't think I'll be able to go to any this year as I'll probably be working.. But I had a great time at some festivals last year so I'll share some photos with you!

This dress was given to me by my awesome gf! Love it! 

It was also the first time for my (then) boyfriend to go to a CNY festival in Melbourne too, so we tagged along with my parents and just ate heaps of delicious food. In fact that's the only thing we usually do at these events. Sure, there are rides and other street vendors but I'm totally content with my meat on sticks :D Also.. if you're reading from another country, I'm curious to know what your chinese new years festivals are like? :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012 5

First trip of 2012

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Every year my friends and I get together for an epic road trip (usually the final R&R before having to go back to uni). So this time we headed to Phillip Island for a few days to hit the beaches :) There were about 13 of us and we all shared a house near the beach. Don't you just hate it when the house doesn't end up looking anything like the pictures on the booking site? Haha, but it was nice and cosy anyway!

Overall it was a nice and relaxing couple of days. Just had fun scoping out the town, laying on the beach and enjoying each other's company. Not much drinking this time around either, which means no incriminating photos! haha

Thursday, January 12, 2012 4

Oh, Jeffrey Campbell

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Yay! So I won my first pair of Jeffrey Cambells on ebay. I'm not used to spending so much on shoes (trust me, I'm a stingy bitch lol) but I immediately fell in love with these when I saw them. Unfortunately they were too narrow for me at the toes :( But I'm determined to fit into them with the help of Michelle Phan's video on how to stretch your shoes.. Let's pray it works with suede leather!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 0

Farewells are never easy

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2011 began so sweet but ended so bitter. I had him only for a year. As I look back on all the photos we took together I can't help but wish things could go back to the way they were. When I pleaded with him, he simply told me that they were all just beautiful memories. Nothing more.

Hello, 2012. A bit of sugar please?