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The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

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Today I woke up early to get my Visa done for our trip to China (only a month now!). Also I needed more time to make myself pretty since I needed to take a passport photo too.. but as per usual, they ended up super fugly! Has anyone ever had a flattering passport/license photo? :(

So this is how I wished my photos turned out! 

Good old iPhone... never lets me down :')

Well it wasn't as bad as my passport photo back in primary school. I got the weirdest looks from the airport staff whenever I traveled around after high school. On one occasion the guy actually did a double take and called one of the other staff members to look at it too. Gosh, embarrassing much? I was super chubbs back in the day, but I lost a lot of it after changing my diet.. Anyway I was so relieved to renew my passport last year and get an updated photo of my face! :D 

Unfortunately my girlfriends weren't able to go through with their visas because they needed birth certificates.. but we spent the rest of the day walking around Chapel looking for birthday supplies for my girlfriend's 21st. Can't wait! :)

My gf borrowed some dessert recipe books for her birthday :)
So we set off on our journey to look for party supplies! 
A shop called 'Hello Gorgeous'

A bee on a flower ring! 

I've never been here before but it's a cool little shop with lots and lots of
interesting little trinkets. 

She couldn't believe the empty bottle was $27! haha

A lovely day! Thanks for reading :)

20 Responses to “The Good, The Bad & the Ugly”

  1. Amelia says:

    the shop interior is so adorable :) and so is your dress!
    I replied u on my blog, but it seems that blogger's reply doesn't give notification so you didn't know... I'll ask u again anyway :D
    so u r going to Japan for exchange, right? to learn Japanese? :)

  2. best pictures ever! thank you so much for the follow! I'll be following you back :)

  3. Jill C says:

    i love your photography :) what camera are you using?
    and those shops are so pretty, lots of vintage looking things ^__^

  4. You're always so pretty what are you talking about! Can't imagine that your passport photos will turn out uglier than mine lol...
    What part of China are you going to? I'm going to China soon too, I used to always look forward to the trips but this year I want to stay here and blog :S ahh the dilemmas...

  5. Those are such pretty, quaint pictures! And you are really pretty too! ^~^ My passport/ID picture was taken quite a few years ago, too, and customs officers always keep me there for ages before they let me through! ;;

    Whereabouts in China are you off to?

  6. Joanne Cuaycong says:

    I can relate about passport photos. Mine turned out ugly too. :( 
    Followed your lovely blog. :)

  7. Yureee12dance says:

    WOW! Amazingly nice indeed! And I like your front bang ay;) Btw I am doing online shop at my shop selling cool Japanese cosmetics, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  8. nyancy says:

    Hey Amelia! Thanks for the lovely comment <3 And yup, I'll be going there to learn Japanese. Do you know where Seikei is? I think it's quite close to the city! Would love it if we could meet up while I'm over there! :D

  9. nyancy says:

    Thanks so much Ai!! I absolutely adore your blog x]

  10. Amelia says:

    yup, I googled it and it's quite close to Shinjuku I think. also it's located at Kichijoji, the area that ppl want to live the most, good place to shop too!! with a nice, huge park near the ghilbi museum :D let me know if u r here, let's meet up!!:D

  11. nyancy says:

    Thanks Jill! I'm using a Canon 450d! :D Would kill for a camera with hd video tho ><

  12. nyancy says:

    Haha that's so cute! But if you travel more you'll have plenty more things to blog about!! :) I'll be going to Beijing and Shanghai!! Will you be sampling any of their delicacies? Such as spiders or scorpions? ;)

  13. nyancy says:

    Thank you my dear! Haha I know it's such an awkward situation.. lol
    I'll be visiting Beijing and Shanghai! Have you been? Any advice you can offer? :)

  14. Jane says:

    ID photos never come out nice D:
    But you look lovely in  your pictures!

  15. sukipooki says:

    Omg Gorgeous photos and I love that store with the hanging globes! Omg 27$ for an empty bottle?! Was there something special about it? Hahaha It just looks like a regular coke bottle to me XD

    My id photos never come out nice and the last time I took mines, they made me separate my bangs cause I wasn't allowed to have my forehead covered and my bf laughes every time he sees it now =(

  16. I have been! Beijing is real nice for the sightseeing and all, so hit all the historical sites! Shanghai is really cosmopolitan - go to the Bund and 田子坊, but if you don't have time, give 淮海路 a miss, probably.

    When are you off? ^^

  17. Chai says:

    I honestly think that the rule where you can't smile in passport photos is ridiculous. :( I swear I hate having to show my passport whenever I travel, I look so ugly! Especially because I wasn't allowed to wear any eyeliner D:

  18. Tina Le says:

    The tone of your photos are just gorgeous! Love it (:

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