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First trip of 2012

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Every year my friends and I get together for an epic road trip (usually the final R&R before having to go back to uni). So this time we headed to Phillip Island for a few days to hit the beaches :) There were about 13 of us and we all shared a house near the beach. Don't you just hate it when the house doesn't end up looking anything like the pictures on the booking site? Haha, but it was nice and cosy anyway!

Overall it was a nice and relaxing couple of days. Just had fun scoping out the town, laying on the beach and enjoying each other's company. Not much drinking this time around either, which means no incriminating photos! haha

playing boardgames like a boss every night haha 

Got sick of the beach and decided to check out the nearby shops.

A cute message on one of the dressing room mirrors! 

The most handsome dog :)

Celebrity heads, anyone?

My gorgeous friend's lovely nails!
Cutest phonecase! Stored all her credit cards too :o
Amazing views of the ocean!

A roadtrip is never complete without one of these :P
Thanks for reading guys! :)

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  1. ユー says:

    looks like u guys had a really awesome time~ it must b nice gathering with frds for a holiday together every yr~ i love road trips too XDXD

  2. Omg. You're super pretty! :) I followed you! Hope we can be friends! ♥

  3. Amelia says:

    seem like u had so much fun with your friends and u took nice photos! I really love the filter/color :)

  4. Elisa ♥ says:

    looks like y'll had an awesome time ^^ !! nicee :D your pictures are pretty as well <3

  5. C. says:

    this is so cute ! love the outfits <3

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