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Oh, Jeffrey Campbell

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Yay! So I won my first pair of Jeffrey Cambells on ebay. I'm not used to spending so much on shoes (trust me, I'm a stingy bitch lol) but I immediately fell in love with these when I saw them. Unfortunately they were too narrow for me at the toes :( But I'm determined to fit into them with the help of Michelle Phan's video on how to stretch your shoes.. Let's pray it works with suede leather!

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  1. AquaKO says:

    adorable shoes!! even the box is pretty :)
    hope they fit eventually

  2. sweetreat says:

    @AquaKO Thanks dear! :) Hopefully I'll be able to feature them in future posts!

  3. Love your shoes!! Red's my current favourite colour :D It's too bad they are tight...hope your plan works :)

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