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Chinese New Year

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Ever since I was young I've always looked forward to going to the Lunar new year festivals but this year it didn't even cross my mind until my dad asked if we wanted to go today.  Anyway I don't think I'll be able to go to any this year as I'll probably be working.. But I had a great time at some festivals last year so I'll share some photos with you!

This dress was given to me by my awesome gf! Love it! 

It was also the first time for my (then) boyfriend to go to a CNY festival in Melbourne too, so we tagged along with my parents and just ate heaps of delicious food. In fact that's the only thing we usually do at these events. Sure, there are rides and other street vendors but I'm totally content with my meat on sticks :D Also.. if you're reading from another country, I'm curious to know what your chinese new years festivals are like? :)

Asian beauty products galore! Terribly overpriced though, I never buy them in Melbourne :(
Heart shaped pandan pancakes mmmmmmmmmmmm
Eating as we go along ahah
According to him I resemble my mother a lot :o
These buns red bean filled buns were the bomb!
But according to my Japanese friend they're not authentic Dorayaki at all! :(

Yayyyyy food!
Year of the rabbit cupcakes :) 

So I kinda.. sorta.. miss him. Grr. Hate myself.

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  1. Amelia says:

    u do look like your mom a lot!! :) seems like u have so much fun with fam and bf

    Since I'm Chinese Indonesian, I do celebrate lunar new year by gathering with the big family :)
    However, people in Japan, they do not celebrate lunar new year, instead they celebrate the new year just like how celebrate lunar new year. by spending time with fam, eating certain food and also giving the young money (otoshidama) / hong bao :)

  2. oh cool places! looks like you had a lot of fun!

    happy chinese new year!

  3. emily joy says:

    Richmond fest, right? I've never been to that one, but I've heard it's the best one!
    I think was the first time in years I haven't gone to any.

    Your food photos are making me hungry :( And omg red beans buns! they sell them in Melbourne? :o I've been craving them since my trip to Japan last month. They're so yummy! Except I like them best with cream in the middle too.

    Very cute blog btw!



  5. Jin says:

    ah the festivals where you live seem sooooooooooooo nice!!! way nicer than here!! >.>

    king spa is a korean sauna (jjim jil bang) and you just go there, shower, and go into all the sauna rooms and sweat. theres food there as well and its open 24/7. its just a nice place to relax and sweat all the toxins out! i guess its a bit like pampering yerself :)

  6. Clouds says:

    I sometimes wish I could go back to china every year to celebrate new year... pretty pictures! x

  7. Hey love! Your hair is so perfect! I'm jealous ♥ ♥

  8. nyancy says:

    Haha I wish I still got red pockets of money!! But spending time with family is still the best :)

  9. nyancy says:

    Thanks darling! Same to you! ^^

  10. nyancy says:

    Yes they sell them in Boxhill! Unfortunately they're too far for me.. hopefully they'll bring them to the city soon :) Btw loved your posts about your trip to the Philippines and Japan!! I'll be heading there in a few months myself! Can't wait! ^^

  11. nyancy says:

    ni hao!! haha thanks love! you have a fantastic new years too :)

  12. nyancy says:

    Hehe thanks for the explanation Jin!! Sounds awesome! Wish they'd bring one over here T^T

  13. nyancy says:

    Thanks love! True, I'm sure nothing beats Chinese New year in the very country it came from :)

  14. nyancy says:

    You're too sweet Marion! >< Hated my fringe tho haha

  15. Emily Joy says:

    Yeah that's super long for me too :( So yes, let's cross our fingers for that city store hey!

    Ah thank you! What parts of Japan are you travelling to? (:

  16. Lydia He says:

    happy chinese new year! 
    you and your boyfriend look so cute together, i love both your outfits :') 

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