Friday, April 20, 2012 0

Spontaneous BBQ

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Monday, April 16, 2012 1

Joe visits Kichijoji

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A friend from Melbourne happened to be visiting Japan for a couple of weeks so today he came down to our part of the woods! He helped us quite a bit while were travelling around Beijing struggling to communicate with no Chinese at all haha! Time to return the favour! :)

At Inokashira公園
Visiting the funky shops around the area


Dessert sandwiches?? I gotta try these one day..

Nakamichi Street 

Hara Donuts for 'healthy' donuts 

Frog themed shop lol

We decided to take them to the 'Yuurei Izakaya' (ghost themed) cause we've been dying to try this place out too!  From the entrance you can already an eerie sounding 'whooooo' constantly being played as you walk down into the restaurant. It's pretty damn dark in there. A white clothed girl welcomes us and after confirming the number of guests she claps her hands twice and a giant spider drops from the ceiling. Almost had a heart attack! 

We needed to wave this severed hand for service :D

Went with the student course (2500円) which consists of a secret dish lol 

The secret dish was a roulette game! One of these contained wasabi, and
our good friend was the unlucky one haha

Apparently he 'died' haha 

Overall the dishes weren't that great, pretty average actually but well worth it for the experience! :) After that we wished our friend well on the rest of his trip and went to meet up with some friends at McDonalds.

This is Naoto's cracked phone, it still works surprisingly :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012 0

Love my town

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Before settling in, my friend told me that Kichijoji was the number one place in Japan place where everyone wanted to live. After being here for a few weeks, I can completely understand why; heaps of places to shop, restaurants from all over the world, cutest boutiques and coffee shops. 
Since I had nothing to do today I decided to explore a bit more. 

Cutest cupcake shop! 

a humburger jacket lol

Lots of 'ふるぎや' second hand stuff really adds to the charm of Kichijoji!
Came home with these delicious cupcakes! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 0

I miss Mum's cooking

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Since coming to Japan, my friend and I have been seriously craving food from the motherland. So after a trip to the international grocers, we were finally able to gather the necessary ingredients to make rice paper rolls! We decided to invite everyone else in the dorm to try these awesome rolls. :)

Made our own dipping sauce! Finding the fish sauce was annoying - it's called nanpla (ナンプラー)in Japanese 
Success! :) 

Overall I think we made our mothers proud :)