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My hair's been seriously annoying me since I came to Japan. Especially my fringe! :(
So three of us Australian girls set out to get a trim at a stylish boutique called H for Siesta in Kichijoji. A bit pricey at 5000円 but completely worth it for the service and experience! The manager, Noda, sat down with us one by one to discuss which style would best suit us (he even asked what kind of clothes I liked to wear haha).

Took an elevator to get to the salon
Most lovely view with a terrace! immediately fell in love with this place :)
Holga cameras in the background! 
So vintage.
Filling in our details.. Never understood the need for this.
Waiting to get our hair cut by Nodaさん

Cutest decor! 

The end result :)
This girl was sooo cute! She looked like she came out of paradise kiss! :)
Very happy customers! :)
Oh and the customer in front of me getting his haircut had the coolest shoes!

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