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SIA Hanami Event

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Thrifted my second pair of Jeffrey Campbells at Mode Off today for only 3000円! Sooo ecstatic! Unfortunately no one could really understand why I was so happy lol

Went to another SIA event tonight which was held at Inokashira公園. They woke up super early (5am?) to secure a good picnic spot amongst Sakura trees. I think everyone had a little too much to drink by the time we got there so it made them more 'charai' more than ever! Especially the first years. I think being an exchange student makes them think it's alright to say things like 'come home with me' or make comments about my body. Luckily the senpai's took care of us :)

Floral wedges perfect for the coming warmer months! :)

The sakura at night are so pretty! Took this with my iPhone :)

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