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Hello Nippon!

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After a long and gruelling 16 hour trip, we finally made it to Japan! Honestly don't remember it taking that long to get there but at least we had some interesting company along the way. We met a stripper from Queensland who kept us entertained with her crazy stories in the club, mainly involving foot fetishes and S&M haha. 

 Upon arrival, we were greeted by students from Seikei who helped us get to our dorm! They even held mini welcome signs (I've always wanted to see that coming out of the airport!!) And naturally the first thing we go and do is to take purikura! 

By the time we arrive at the dorms, it's pretty late we're absolutely exhausted.. but the current inmates seemed pretty eager to meet us so we did our best to communicate in broken Japanese and English. So far most of the exchange students are from Australia (yay!) Everyone seemed lovely so really looking forward to getting to know everyone better :)

One of the funny Japanese advisors with our fellow Australian exchange student :) 
The next day our friend took us out to the main shops to grab some household necessities and groceries. Everything is so picturesque on the way there - I'm definitely falling in love with this neighbourhood! :)

Sunroad, a long shopping street with an undercover. Where we'll be spending most of our time.
Everything looks ridiculously delicious.
So cute! We'll be getting one of these bank cards soon too! 

Needed to buy a curler urgently since I had to leave my awesome curler at home :(
Shopping shopping...
That's all for now! Definitely looking forward to my life in Japan! :)

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