Friday, March 23, 2012 4

I'm off to Japan!

By sweetreat

I also got this lovely tiffany bracelet as a farewell present.. Feel so blessed :)
Will update soon!!

4 Responses to “I'm off to Japan!”

  1. Cute Bracelet! 

    Have fun in Japan!! :D<3, Dana

  2. Nana says:

    Nice bracelet! ! ! : D Have a lot of fun in Japan! 

  3. That is really a cute bracelet and not only that... it's TIFFANY RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?! Lucky gal.

    Have fun in Japan!!! I found you randomly and followed you because of what you write. It's nice to know what' going on in Australia ^^ follow me back too please if you can. Thank you ^^

    And really have lots of fun and don't forget to take pictures to blog about it <3 

  4. yello! says:

    very cute bracelet! and you are absolutely gorgeous! your beauty spot is so perfectly placed too @__@

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