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Land of fetishes

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Today we went to meet a fellow exchange student from Melbourne (sometimes I wonder if we even left the state haha) in everyone's favourite Otaku hub, Akihabara! As soon as we step out of the station we spot the AKB48 cafe with a lengthy queue outside the entrance.

There are maids EVERYWHERE! In all different kinds of costumes and colours handing out leaflets for their cafe. Plus they're all extremely cute so it's hard to choose one. Think I'll do a bit of research first.
We found some interesting albeit somewhat disturbing shops in this area. Eventually we came across a purikura with rentable cosplay outfits. Of course we had to try! :)

In front of a hentai shop

Returned to Kichijoji to meet up with the rest of the crew and had Monjayaki (a bit like okonomiyaki but no where near as tasty!) 

If you look closely enough you can see beady eyes on the tiny prawns haha!

4 Responses to “Land of fetishes”

  1. Amelia says:

    aww purikura cosplay!! I always want to try it XD you look so cute in that costume btw!

  2. Junjun says:

    Aww~ You look so cute in that costume! c: The food looks delicious too~

  3. jenny.lam says:

    That purikura place sounds so awesome! I went to Japan once a few years ago on exchange but never came across one with rent-able cosplay costumes :(
    I love all your photos, they remind me of of my exchange. May I ask what you are studying there? ^^

  4. ANNIA says:

    Nice blog!!!I just found it!!! :D
    I made a blog recently too!I would appreciate it if you check it out and follow if you like it!Thank you!!

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