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Sydney Adventures

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There are so many lovely places to eat in Sydney! It was really nice to stumble upon many of the restaurants I'd seen on Sydney food blogs too. 

First stop: Chef's gallery.

The sweet & sour noodles were definitely my favourite! Handmade too.

Sucha grumpy face!
Vegie dumplings, meh.

Crab meat springrolls, nothing special.

Spicy prawn & pork wontons, my second favourite!

Chinese roti with pork floss, mmmm.

Rabbit marshmallows, tasted like air.
Irresistibly cute piggy buns! 

Overall the food was lovely and staff very professional - they even had the chefs bring out the food to every table with masks on, while the waitresses placed the dishes on the table. Would love it if they brought one to Melbourne!

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