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Sydney Adventures pt.2

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After brunch at Chef's Gallery, we happened across Cupcakes on Pitt. I remember when the cupcake shop first opened up in Melbourne Central. It was the hottest thing on the block and everyone wanted a giant cupcake for their birthday. Sure enough though, cupcake shops started popping up all over town and the hype eventually died (kinda like the macaron fad right now). Anyway I haven't had a cupcake in a while so I wanted to see how Sydney cupcakes fared against Melbourne's. Yes it's always a competition between the both of us lol.

Sundae cupcakes! Never seen those in Melbourne so points for originality :)

Cute box :)
We settled for caramel and cherry ripe! Was a bit disappointed that nothing tasted like cherry ripe except for the actual bar on top. Caramel was alright though.

Cupcakes on Pitt on Urbanspoon

After that we finally made it to Bondi beach! Went for a walk on the beach and visited the nearby markets. Scored myself a cute Marc Jacobs top for cheap, yay!

Bondi Markets
A baby ukelele!
As we wandered around Bondi we came across Miss Chu's. I know one recently opened up in Melbourne but have been a little hesitant to go after hearing how much they charged per rice paper roll. But the shop interior lured me in like a fly to neon lights haha. Wasn't too bad though, and those coconut shakes were seriously awesome!

Cutest menu!
Just like a tuckshop!
Funky bowl lights
Vegie because that's all that was left :(
Seriously loving the decor!

Not bad!

Miss Chu on Urbanspoon
Again we accidentally found another popular joint. Azuma Patisserie! :)
Tried the Earl grey Chiffon cake, and it was divine.

Azuma Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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