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Sydney Adventures pt.3

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For dinner we dined at Makoto, a sushi train restaurant. I'm not a big fan of sushi trains because the majority of my experiences haven't been very pleasant. Often, the sushi tasted like it had gone around the tracks at least a hundred times and there usually isn't much variety either. Makoto, on the other hand was fresh and delicious everytime. :)

Sushi chefs in front of us the whole time.

Eel sushi, always a must!
Didn't really know what this was, but it tasted a little cheesy.. not sure if I liked it.

Soft shell crap wasn't bad.

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Walked all the way to the Harbour Bridge. Finally our mission is complete!
As we walked back to our hotel, we were surprised to find that the cute cafe we wanted to try out earlier in the day was still open. I kid you not, this is one of the cutest cafes EVER! It's beautifully decorated with vintage furniture and motifs, and it even has a section at the back dedicated to cute korean style stationery. I swear I would visit this place everyday if it ever came to Melbourne! Ahhh cute cute cute~

Cute homemade cookies!

Even their coffee cups were awesome!

They made an awesome Green Tea Latte!

Miss this place already.. ;(

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