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Sydney KPOP Festival

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Have to say I was a little regretful about purchasing these tickets after realizing that 2NE1 and 2PM weren't going to be there. :( But luckily the trip turned out pretty nice even thought the main event was a let down... Seriously, the stars were like peanuts from where we were sitting! -.-

We came late.. but there were still tonnes of empty seats left in the stadium.
Although my Sydney friend was able to get this close and personal to Miss A's Suzie. She even held his hand! I dare say he didn't wash it for a few days haha
We appeared on MBC at times while they filmed the whole event :)
For the next few days we indulged in some lovely restaurants and the sights of Sydney.

So happy nostalgic to see this! My best friend and I would come here everyday on our last trip to satisfy our greentea cravings.

Amongst the stuffed plushies at Morning Glory

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