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チャライ Clubs!

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Something I've realised about the Japanese is that they put a great deal of emphasis on school club activities. Basically everyone joins a club or circle once they enter university; whether they decide to continue with their high school club activities or pursue other interests, pretty much all students will end up in a club! I guess it's a good way to build friendships and have a bit of 

Throughout the beginning of the school year there are tonnes of events and students running around promoting their clubs, which is quite an amazing site considering there are over 200 clubs. We came to school once to see a sea of club members with signs and pamphlets ready to attack any first years that came their way. I wish the students were this enthusiastic back at home! :)

Although we're already members the international club, we decided to look around to see what else was available. 

Salsa club~ 

Loved these colourful chalk boards! They were just about everywhere!  
The team of the Seikei International Association :)
Mr Donuts to lure in potential members ;)
See Action? Hmm..

Fashion design club! Really wanna join this! :)
Bicycle club, cute! 
"Enjoy, Place, Personality" lol
The French sweetheart of the University :)

Lunch in the cafeteria
Her boyfriend is just as funny as she is hehe! 
The view of the street leading to our dorm, it looks so pleasant and peaceful :)
Oh and I learnt a very interesting word today, "チャライ" (charai) which I've come to understand means something like a player/playboy. Apparently in Japan the tennis club, snowboard club and basketball clubs are well known for being "チャライ" lol

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  1. Amelia says:

    Charai! one a must word to know in Japanese :) Tennis club is the most famous for being charai! some clubs here do more drinking than practicing :D

    seems like you are enjoying life in Japan so much :D

  2. nyancy says:

    Haha yes!! I'm trying to catch up on all my posts ^^; We have to meet up soon! ^.^

  3. Amelia says:

    yup!!! let's do blogger meet up and go to a nice cafe / area or something soon :D 

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