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In an instagram..

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Been awhile since my last blog.. I've been so busy with work and preparing for China!

Also see some new followers! Thanks for subscribing :)

So recently my sister decided to take a short trip to NZ with her boyfriend, so she asked me to take care of her place and niece. I didn't mind since it was like having my own holiday too! Got to work on my cooking skills too :) And my niece is an angel to look after - though she doesn't talk much!

Anyway here are some instagrams of my life thus far.. sorry, not too great to look at! :(

She sweetened the deal with a 1 meter block of tim tams haha!
On the first night we made tacos!
Mum drew a star on my wrist one day and said it would bring me luck! The mahogany room manager asked me to come work for them that day!
I popped by the office here and there to work on some designs
My lovely friend brought us some yummy treats from the cupcake family!
Went to exchange money with my gf!
Caught up over Korean food!
She finished off the whole thing haha
My friend from taekwondo asked us to be makeup artists for this short movie he's making.
Had to recreate a bruise like effect. looks real?

The fight scene in the carpark!
Amazing dinner at Nobu before my trip to China!
Beautiful sushi platter
Most epic dessert tray ever!

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  1. Nana says:

    Wow, so many food! It all looks so delicious! 

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